Why Yesho Tuff ?

Reinforced With High Quality Standards

High-quality Glass

We believe in quality through Innovation. Our mission is to always provide products that add sophistication to buildings and make them a beacon of high-class modern architecture.

High-Precision Machinery

We cut to perfection. We polish to add elegance. Every step we take to produce our products is a craft in itself performed using highly advanced machinery that allows us to fine-tune each and every edge of our glass to the maximum standards possible.

Advanced European cutting line

Our entire setup is a bespoke installation put together using the best of machines available in the worldwide market. It comes with the best of features that give us more power in refining our glass at every stage of production

Sophisticated Designs

Designs are merely the final output of our process. Our ideation process ends only when our glass has come alive as an element of opulence, when our product has developed a personality of its own and when our designs have transformed into a true manifestation of an artistic notion.

World-class Lab

As Meticulous as we are about our crafting process, we implement rigorous checks and tests using state-of-the-art testing equipment. We run quality audits at every stage of production to ensure performance matches productivity.

High Safety Standards

Crafting glass is our passion and safety is in our ethos. Our team has been provided with the best of safety equipment and is regularly trained on various critical aspects of production and best practices to follow.

Safety! The first and foremost principle

From the very inception, safety has been of paramount importance to us. In every stage and across every process, we implement strict rules and set the maximum standards of safety that allow us to carry out all tasks seamlessly. Our highly-trained team has been provided with all types of safety equipment like fire and water-resistant handling gloves, safety shoes, CE certified safety helmets, eye protection gear, and masks. We organize a regular audit for our team to ensure that the highest safety standards are being followed, along with comprehensive training sessions on identifying risks and using effective mitigation techniques. Safety is deep-rooted in our ethos. Everything that happens in our environment, happens with the utmost care.